Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can Resveratrol turn back the clock for you?

Resveratrol is a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-estrogen, anti-cholesterol, weight-controlling, blood pressure and blood sugar-normalizing agent. Resveratrol is the first natural medicinal to have solid evidence behind it showing that it blocks or stops many stages of cancer. Resveratrol not only prevents cancer, it’s being proposed as an additional treatment. [1-3]*

Now let's talk anti-aging. Does it seem too good to be true? Yes, of course, to many of us. But we're reading about it everywhere and watching the benefits on news report. In fact, just today the headline on features a You Tube clip of an interview with Barbara Walters and Dr. David Sinclair "Live to be 150. You can do it." Dr. Sinclair isolated the molecule from red wine and stated we would need to drink 1,000 bottles of red wine per day to experience the health benefits of resveratrol. It activates certain gene (the anti-aging gene)in our bodies. He hopes to get FDA approval in the next 5 years.

We have good news at Lake Pleasant Chiropractic and I know all informed natural health doctors would share the same news. Resveratrol does not have to be bottled into a pharmaceutical to provide the remarkable health benefits. We're been carrying resveratrol in our office for the past year and seeing the benefits ourselves. The natural extract is concentrated in "Resveratin" manufactured by Xymogen, one of our supplement lines we carry. We strongly encourage and emphasize that there is no miracle pill out there. This one may seem to be one. Our philosophy is that health is a journey, a participation sport between you and your natural health doctor (both on the same team of course). Health does not get handed to you in form of a pill potion or lotion. Implementing a healthy lifestyle involving physical, biochemical and psyhological strategies will have a synergistic effect on appropriate nutritional supplementation. Call us at (623) LP CHIRO for more information on Resveratin and our Creating Wellness Lifestyle Program.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Many Receive Valuable Info on Balancing Hormones last week!

Our third annual Balancing Female Hormones Workshop last week was a big success! We had over 20 people attend to understand the communication patterns among the hormones, brain and endocrine glands and simple lifestyle steps to take towards better hormone health. Gabi gave free chair massages during our breaks and our seminar attendees came with a thirst for knowledge and an interesting list of questions! Altogether we raised over $120 to support Bosom Buddies of Arizona, a non-profit breast cancer support group.

Every day more and more women are confused about what to do about their female symptoms, or more importantly, why these symptoms are so common. We're constantly bombarded with broad based media influences, many which usually includes a scare factor. A big reason for hormonal chaos is the environmental influence including our dietary habits. Last week at the workshop we made some simple corrections, handed out plenty of information on risks and benefits of various corrective measures and gave every attendee a comprehensive reference list. If you haven't visited, I suggest you save this one to favorites! Dr. Mercola does a very good job at researching every health issue, drug claim, research article and provides direction towards natural resources.

My primary reason for investing the time and energy I do every year in this, is to raise the awareness that there are natural options to investigate (with a qualified health professional of course)before going down the invasive medical pathway. As a female doctor, I have even a higher level of interest in expanding my knowledge in this area.. as I help myself achieve balance, I can provide even better care and guidance for my patients. I'm now seeing an increased number of patients seeking wellness care in our practice besides pain care.. and that says a lot for the general public's realization that there's more to health care than symptom relief.

Nutritional consultation at our office include an initial 45min private meeting with me after submitting completed health history and assessment forms. I encourage new clients to also submit recent blood work, urinalysis and any saliva test results within the last six months. Please call our office for more information or to schedule your appointment.

To find out more about our community events, seminars and service offerings, stay tuned to this blog or you can follow me on Twitter!
Dr. Melanie Dias-Zair

Friday, June 5, 2009

How Xenohormones Are Affecting YOUR health...

"Since WWII approximately 87,000 new chemicals have been synthesized in the U.S. alone. New ones are being invented at the rate of 2,000 per year"

"The typical American home contains sixty-three hazardous products" (most of these hazardous materials are in form of cleaning supplies, lawn and garden products and automotive supplies.)

"Americans spend only 5% of their time outdoors, so indoor pollution are a major contributor to human exposure."

--Berkson, D. Lindsey, Hormone Deception,

Xenohormones are man made substances that are foreign to the body and have a hormone-like effect. Most of them have an estrogen-like effect and are called xenoestrogens.

In our practice we are constantly reminding our practice members how important it is to take every measure possible to minimize exposure to these dangerous chemicals. Let's think of the alarming rates of breast cancer, infertility, uterine fibroids, PMS issues etc. Do you think these environmental evils have something to do with this? Absolutely!

Read the ingredients labels not only on your food prodcuts but also your personal hygiene and household cleaners. Your body lotion or hair coloring products for example, may contain mineral oil, a cosmetic grade petroleum product which includes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PHA's) which are estrogen mimickers in the body.

Your mouthwash may contain 27% ethanol, which is suspected of causing esophageal cancer and phenol, which can cause fatal poisonings if absorbed through the skin.

Become informed and aware of how you can minimize your exposure to these abundant environmental toxins. Join us next Wednesday for our Balancing Female Hormones seminar Wednesday June 10th at 6pm. We'll be sharing vital information that you need to know to become a better informed patient. This can be life saving information.

Call (623) LP CHIRO or (623) 572-4476 to order your ticket. Seating is limited and we have just a few spots left!