Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recommending THIS Book for Everyone with Thyroid Diseases or Concerns

Recently, when we do clinical histories in our patients we often learn many of them are on thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. This has become an increasing concern for us since our clinical training and research is demonstrating that most hypothyroid cases are NOT thyroid diseases but an autoimmune condition. Today in the U.S., most hypothyroid disease is actually Hashimoto's disease- an autoimmune condition which attacks the thryoid and as time goes on, starts attacking other tissue such as cartlage, myelin sheath, intestinal cells, pancreas, brain etc.

If you are one of our patients with hypothyroid or you are reading this and have been on thyroid hormones, we encourage you to demand antibody testing from your doctor. Ask for a TPO antibody(thyroid peroxidase) and TGA (thyroglobulin Antibody). Treating the thyroid alone is not effective when there is an underlying autoimmune disorder. If this can't be ruled out, then certain treatment protcols and lifestyle changes must be implemented.


The doctors at Lake Pleasant Chiropractic are trained in analyzing blood chemistry from a functional standpoint using lab references ranges to identify underlying conditions which explain symptoms when medical labs do not. It starts with an initial consultation in our office to learn your full health and treatment history in order to determine the specific lab tests needed.

We urge you also to read the following book, now known as the "Thyroid Book" It has helped many of our patients obtain a deeper understanding of their thyroid and immune saving information.

Book Title: "Why do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal?"
Author: Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS

In this book, the author explains:
- Why your thyroid problem won't show up on your lab tests.
- Why you continue to feel worse despite treatment.
- Why the thyroid gland is often the wrong target.
- What the real culprit of most cases of hypothyroidism is and how to address it.
- Why eating common food will keep you from getting better.

The Thyroid Book is available for purchase at our office (limited supply) or on Call (623) LP CHIRO or (572-4476) for more information or to set up a consultation to evaluate for any underlying conditions or concerns you may have about your health.