Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's Do the Numbers!

We had a great Creating Wellness Empowerment meeting this week. Members received their Wellness Quotient (WQ) and 5 page results on their physical, biochemical and psychological health. We announced the Creating Wellness 6 month Challenge: the member who increases their WQ by the highest percentage receives a one hour massage and restaurant gift certificate!
Anyone can participate if they join by October 15th. Contest ends in March and winner is announced at our quarterly Pot Luck. (Members receive their second assessment in 6 months for comparisons and ratings).

CALL 623 LP CHIRO for more info. Better yet, join us this Monday as a guest. See what we are all about and all the exciting and interesting issues we talk about: Corn syrup, trans fats, GMO foods to name a few.

This Monday we will talk about how illness affects our finances and how you can lower your risk categories including qualifying for better rates on life insurance. Our guest speaker is Marty Urbanowicz from Rock Martin Wealth.

We hope to see you Monday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ready! Set! GOALS! Wellness Members off to a great start!

Our new season for the Creating Wellness Empowerment Club launched last Monday and the excitement and enthusiasm dominated the meeting! Members received more than a glimpse of what's to come in the next few months PLUS we set goals for physical, biochemical and our psychological health.
New member packets were distributed containing special offers and coupons.

Next meeting: this Monday, September 27th at 6:15pm. Here's what we have planned:
- reviewing our wellness assessment results
- updating goals based on results
- discussing the recent documentary on GMO food processing
- MAIN TOPIC: Sweet and Carb Cravings and the threat of fast foods
- Bonus Topic: Allergies and Sinus Problems- natural solutions.
- Orientation to their online access to

Guests are welcome for one meeting at no charge. Come see what we are about. We have exciting topics and activities planned for the next few months, ending with our holiday potluck in December. Call 623-572-4476 for more info.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weight Loss Support and Empowerment for Healthier Living in One Solution!

Have you EVER wondered.....
- WHY past diets didn't work for you?
- WHY your supplements made you feel great..but only for a while?
- HOW you can ever stay committed to a program when you are always so busy??
- WHICH media claims or facts to believe?
- WHERE to get the freshest, healthiest food sources without breaking the bank?
- WHY you still have symptoms when your doctor said your lab tests are normal?
- WHY trying to get healthy seems like hard work and no fun?

Ok. Stop wondering. And Read on.

Creating Wellness Empowerment Club is a unique doctor led program for people serious about taking steps to improve their health and function... improve their quality of life and therefore enjoy it more. Americans work hard and never pay enough attention to what matters most- their health. Without your health, your productivity decreases and so do other aspects of life: ability to travel, financial health, enjoyment of family and friends, ability to retire with stability and enjoy it.

How do you want to live 10, 20, 30 years from now?

Our Club Members are receiving THESE benefits:

#1 Your secure and personalized web access to (Research, journals, log your activity, meal planner, download recipes and grocery lists in one click!)

#2 Weekly audio insights and Sound Advice (online psychological coaching, monthly newsletters)

#3 One FREE guest pass for a friend when you join.

#4 Two Group meetings per month designed and led by Dr. Dias-Zair (2nd and 4th Mondays @ 6:15pm)

#5 Exclusive member specials on products and services.

Bonus! A functional wellness exam (includes body composition, strength testing, lunch capacity and stress analyzer) when you register and then every 6 months (of consistent active membership) to track your progress. (How do we know you are benefiting if we don't objectively assess you?)

Here's some topics Dr. Dias-Zair is planning for this season:
-Evaluating and comparing diet programs and supplements for weight loss.
-How do you know if your hormones are out of balance?
-Anti-aging secrets and simple formulas (Western and Ayurvedic)
-Evaluating trends in diet and healthcare (ie: gluten free)
-Making healthy choices a priority in a busy life.

RECIPES. Professional SAMPLES, POT LUCKS. BOOK REVIEWS. CO-OP PURCHASING OPPORTUNITIES (organic produce etc) and plans for a Field Trip!

This is way beyond what you're reading on the Internet or watching on TV.
This club will change your life!

FACT: The U.S. is the fattest nation in the world.
FACT: Diabetes and childhood diabetes are growing epidemics despite medical intervention.
FACT: Education is power. What you do with that education is life changing.

Call (623) LP CHIRO (572-4476) to get registered.

Dr. Dias-Zair originally brainstormed this program to help many of her nutrition clients with a solid and AFFORDABLE game plan in revolutionizing their lives through simple lifestyle changes. Now it's modified to suit anyone's needs..anyone who wants a healthy, happy and vibrant future!


What is this website access all about?
Healthy recipes, a meal and activity journal, calorie burning counter, research articles and more!

What does this membership cost?
Only $34.95 per month - literally, barely the cost of one dinner out. Can you sacrifice that once a month to gain invaluable information that can enrich your life or even save it? Our membership is growing and we have limited space (maximum 15 people) to allow for a more dynamic and effective support environment.

Do I need to be a patient at your clinic to join?
No, this is open to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives!

Is this like a gym membership where I commit for a year?
No, no and no! We charge inital registration fee of $15 per person and 3 month payment in full to secure membership. Afterwards dues are billed monthly. You may cancel anytime after the third month. However, our current members enjoy it so much, they renew 3 months at a time.

How do I know if I will like it?
You don't. So we are offering you to come as a guest one time for free. If you enjoy it and see the value in what it can do for your life, then you are welcome to join, provided there is room left in the Club.

How often does the Club meet?
Twice a month. 2nd and 4th Monday evening 6:15pm. Members are given an email reminder the previous week and a schedule of topics covered in coming months.

How does this Club compare to the popular weight loss clubs?
First of all. This Club does NOT compare. It's in a league of it's own.
Creating Wellness Club is led by a qualified, trained wellness coach or a doctor. We're not certain if a qualified licensed health professional is advising you at those popular weight loss support groups. We focus on improving all 3 dimensions of negative stress (physical, biochemical and psychological). We don't just put you on a scale each week- you receive a complete functional examination. Weight loss programs are focused primarily on diet only.
AND.. from our research our membership cost is LESS than the popular programs.
Our club brings in qualified, doctor approved resources for it's members including guest speakers and we may even bring back a book club!
So do they compare?......Absolutely not!

What if I can't come to every meeting?
Don't worry, you won't be scolded, just encouraged to join us next time. You still have web access and you will be caught up on what you missed when you return. Remember, the meetings are the accountability factor..... 90% of success is showing up.

Are you running any specials?
If you register (pay membership) by September 10th you receive ONE MONTH FREE!

BUDDY UP! If you join and sponsor another member (friend, spouse etc) ANYTIME to the club YOU AND YOUR GUEST receive ONE MONTH FREE!

RECEIVE A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL TO OUR WELLNESS WEBSITE by calling 623-572-4476...... But don't delay. The early bird special is expiring in 2 DAYS!


But, what if I can't come on September 13th?
No need to worry. You can start up anytime afterwards. Each meeting covers different topics and we review previous material periodically.

What are our members saying?

""Creating Wellness Club is Creating Wellness in action! The Club is an enjoyable opportunity to learn more about how diet effects body chemistry, health, and how we can achieve our own health goals. In addition to reading and discussing a professional text, an activity in the last class was to prepare a vegetable not in our diet, discuss the experience, trade recipes, and prepare the dish for a pot-luck. Creating Wellness Group is a fun, informative group with lively discussion of health issues that's motivating to take steps toward maintaining good health"...........Linda Biggar, member

"The Creating Wellness Club is one of the best things I've ever been involved with! The group atmosphere was fun and very informative.

The Club has taught me how to succeed in obtaining my ultimate healthy lifestyle!" .....Jackie Mueller, personal trainer



Create Wellness in your life and get the guidance and support you've been looking for!
Call 623-572-4476 to register. We have only a few spaces left so call now.