Saturday, December 11, 2010

Race for the Holiday Spa Massage Contest is Underway!

We do this every year and this year we have TWO therapists (one male one female) to accomodate you and offer a variety of therapeutic styles!
The sooner you call our office (623) LP CHIRO the more you save on the following Holiday Spa Treatments. Read details below:

Bookings 1 though 5: $25 off
Bookings 6 through 10: $20 off
Bookings 11 through 20: $15 off
Bookings 21 through 30: $10 off

Choose from the following spa therapies:
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Blend
Deep Tissue Therapy using warm Devita Vanilla Bean Lotion blended in a base of coconut oil on key muscles including hands and feet. Nourishing for the skin. Soothing for the soul.
55min...........reg. $70
85 min............reg $105
Holiday Scents- Aromatherapy Massage
Natural Unscented Lotion infused with one of our essential oils in this relaxing Swedish massage. Choose your bliss: peppermint, sweet orange, cinnamon or lavender.
55min..............reg. $65
85min...............reg $100
Ayurvedic Head to Toe
An Ayurvedic treat from Ancient India using Bhringraj oil to stimulate energy points on the head and feet. This is combined with a full body Swedish massage. Promotes healthy hair growth and restful sleep. Be prepared to leave with a well oiled scalp, but it's worth it!
55min...............reg $70
85 min................reg $105

These specials apply to NEWLY booked appointments.

Terms and Conditions:
Must call or book in person. First 30 appointments booked receive special rates above according to caller number assigned. You must book your appointment when you call or else you will not be considered in the ranking.You may schedule a massage for another person, however NO rain checks or gift certificates will be issued for this promotion.
Massages must be scheduled and performed between December 13th, 2010 and February 28, 2011. We are not equipped for e-bookings. Email bookings will NOT be accepted. You must call our office. Please arrive 10 min early for your appointment.
If you are new to our office we require registration and health history paperwork to be completed. Please allow 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.
Cancellation Policy is in effect. $25 fee is assessed for missed appointments or cancellations not made more than 24 hours in advance. Contest discount will also be forfeited.
What could be a better way to unwind from holiday stress?

CALL 623 LP CHIRO (572-4476) To find out what caller # you are!