Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boost Immunity and Digestion During the Winter Holidays with these Delicious Seasonings!

We love using these winter warming seasonings in our holiday preparations. Try a few to ease digestion, boost energy and help you through this hectic season.

Sage- chop some up and use in soups, pasta sauces and especially in stuffing. One of Dr Dias' favorites: Reduces excess secretions (stops sweating) Great for flus, colds. Promotes hair growth. Acts on the brain to boost memory, promote calmness and clarity. Combines well with Gotu Kola.

Clove- Add to mulled wine or cider. Great in sauces/curries and baking. A strong antixodant and anti-aging effect.

Cardamom- Add to holiday drinks, chai teas, curries. Very effective for digestive problems (especially in children) bronchitis and other respiratory ailments.

Cinnamon- Use in soups, sprinkle on french toast, add to squash or holiday rice pudding. Helps control blood sugar. Great for diabetics.

Thyme- Add to rice dishes, poultry, burger patties, seafood with lemon. Those with respiratory problems including asthma can help open airways and reduce inflammation.

Organic India Tulsi teas contain many of these powerful herbs and more. Visit our wellness center to see what we have in store plus try a sample! All teas and nutritional supplements on sale until Dec 30th!

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