Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Massage Gift Certificates

On Dec 3rd our annual holiday Massage Gift Certificates go on sale! Each gift certificate may be applied to either a one hour Swedish (gentle to moderate pressure) or a Deep Tissue.

1 for $48 (reg $55-$60)
2 for $90

PLUS buy two certificates (for $90) and purchase one for YOU for only $35! (total 3 certificates for only $125).

Limited gifts available. May be used with any therapist on staff: Amanda, Daphne and George.
We cannot guarantee requested therapist at time of service.

Happy Holidays from Living Pure!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Weekend Specials Nov 23-27th!

Call now (623) LP CHIRO to find out what appointments are still available for massage therapy.
FREE aromatherapy ("Autumn Essence") add-on to the one hour sessions.

Prices as low as $42 for Swedish (mild to moderate pressure- total relaxation) and $47 for deep tissue therapy (trigger point therapy and addressing specific areas). You choose!

Also, we have a second therapist who just joined our team! Daphne has over 10years clinical experience and specializes in deep tissue therapy. She starts seeing clients Mon Nov 26th!

Visit our website for more information:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Diabesity.. What is it?

I want to share with you our experience at the Inaugural Lifestyle Medicine Summit we attended in California at the end of September.

The theme was chronic illness.. which many people have these days. The keynote speaker was Dr. Mark Hyman (medical doctor). He is the author of a few books including his latest: "The Blood Sugar Solution. The Ultrahealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease and Feeling Great Now!"

If there is one book that can explain in simple terms the link between unhealthy blood sugar levels and obesity and other chronic illness which often require drug prescriptions... this is it!

My point is, I am leading you towards a valuable self serve resource that can help shed light on what I have been telling many of you. Weight loss will NOT be a permanent change (if you even get there) IF you do not get and keep your blood sugar under control. I can't tell you how many blood labs I analyze which reveal hypoglycemia, if not insulin resistance.

Here's an interesting fact from his book (pg 12)

"By 2020, there will be fewer than 20 million deaths worldwide from infectious diseases, but MORE THAN 50 million deaths from chronic preventable lifestyle diseases- heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These are all fueled by the same preventable risk factors: high blood pressure, overweight, physical inactivity, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and smoking. But strikingly, 95% of private and public efforts and finding focus almost exclusively on combating communicable or infectious disease."

Diabesity is the hidden epidemic. It is the continuum of health problems ranging from mild insulin resistance and overweight to obesity and diabetes.

Skinny and lean people, don't assume you are in the clear. Dr. Hyman talked to us about the Skinny diabetic. Thin people who eat refined carbs, drink sodas and/or don't exercise do not necessarily get away with it. It catches up with them too later in life.

He also talked about identifying risk factors and said everyone should have their doctors order a Lipoprotein Particle test to more specifically identify your risk levels of heart disease and heart attacks. if you recall i emailed out a very important newsletter describing this test and urging anybody with familial history or personal conditions (high cholesterol, statin use, overweight etc) to get this test done. I have been writing requisitions for this test in the past year and getting some eyebrow raising results- this test alone helped drive patients towards a healthier lifestyle. After all, they want to live a happy, productive life and see their grandchildren grow up.

The book covers the whole spectrum of conditions and I really do feel this should be on everyone's reading list. The New Year is around the corner and most of us wait for that time to evaluate our lives, our health, our finances. Make this book a part of your investment and continue to stay in touch with my nutrition pearls. If you haven't been seen for a consultation in a while, consider making an appointment. Education is power- I always believed in this. I am not selling this book in the office and receive no royalties as a functional medicine doctor for recommending it. You should find this on Dr. Hyman also does a presentation for PBS and sells a package with a DVD and book. Our office copy will be on display in our waiting room soon.
Live Purely,
Dr. Dias-Zair

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Massages for $40.. Live Purely Massage Loyalty Program!

This is only available to people who understand the benefits of soft tissue therapy and make time for their health. Love getting massages? Make them a regular part of your health program, just as you would a spinal adjustment!

Reward yourself with special rates on massages within the same calendar month.

After your first massage is completed (see regular rate below), all subsequent massages within the same calendar month are only $40 for one hour.

Regular rate for general therapeutic massages are $55 for one hour. Clients redeeming coupons or gift certificates may count that visit as their first massage of the month!

Call us at 623- LP CHIRO for more info!

Kinesiotaping....We are now Rock Docs!

Last summer, Dr. Zair and Dr. Dias-Zair became certified in Rock Tape applications. This is a special type of kinesiotaping, first used in Japan by acupuncturists and chiropractors. It is now widely used by several types of practitioners but only effectively if they are properly trained. You probably have seen several althletes in the past couple of Olympics wearing the tape!

The docs have been using kinesiotape for over a year now but found Rock Tape has better flexibility and sticks better. Our patients noticed the difference too. It also comes in several colors and fun patterns.

What is ROCKTAPE used for?
Achilles tendonitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Jumpers knee (PFS)
• ACL/MCL issues
• Rotator cuff
• Groin and hamstring pulls
• Lower back issues
• Shin splints
• Tennis and golf elbow
• Pain associated with pregnancy
• Postural correction

and edema (swelling- post injury or metabolically induced). We've also used it to help stabilize joints and Dr. Dias-Zair experienced a huge benefit last summer during her bout of shoulder bursitis.

It stretches in one direction and not the other to create a biomechanical lifting mechanism to lift the skin away from the soft tissue underneath allowing more blood to move through the area to accelerate recovery from injury. The tape is hypoallergenic, acrylic based and contains no latex!

This also known as power taping to assist in coordination and movement. When athletes fatigue, they lose form, causing them to slow down. Power taping protocol helps althletes extract every ounce of energy from their bodies to use as efficiently as possible. You do not need to be an athlete to benefit from power taping. The docs have taped patients with gait abnormalities such as cerebral palsy patients.


Check out If you don't live in our area, click Find a Rock Doc to see where you can get rock taped!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Our summer filled with continuing education!

Just an update to let everyone know why we haven't been in the office as much as usual. Summer is our time to re-group, re-train and refine our skills so we can continue to offer the best to our patients.

Dr. Phil Zair is studying part time for his Masters Degree in Acupuncture. Starting mid August he will return to seeing patients alternate Saturday mornings. He will also be taking some courses in rehab and athletic taping for certification.

Dr. Melanie Dias-Zair has been out of the office for a few weekends already due to Advanced functional nutrition training, business development and recently attended the American Chiropractic Association Sport Council Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ. She will also be getting certified in athletic taping later this year.

George is currently part time in college for Biotech studies. His massage schedule for the new term will be announced shortly.

Amanda, our CA and massage therapist will be out end of this month for a day of continuing ed training and we constantly have her busy with chiropractic assistance and nutrition assessment training to advance her skills in the office.

More updates to be announced in our newsletter. To subscribe, please visit our website at

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lose Smart Lean Up is's not too late to join our Study!

We are very pleased at the response we're receiving for our new Weight Loss Study! Last week at our Kick Off event we had a packed room of people who were ready to take an active role in their health care. Some had tried several programs and bounced back: Weight watchers, Hcg diet, Jenny Craig etc. But what did they all have in common? A true desire and need to bring their physiology towards normal function..and the end result: Lose Weight! They got it! They understood that losing weight is not an event. Health is a journey.

 We talked about the difference between fast fad diets and dampening cellular inflammation while nourishing your body with good nutrition and getting active. Obesity is inflammation! Diets are synonymous with a finite program where most return their old ways afterwards and end up where they started.

Surprisingly after all the sampling of our delicious Anti-Inflammatory Cleansing Shakes the popular flavor after chocolate was chai! The group had fun sharing past experiences- good and bad and also sampling our other healthy products including our Flat Belly Crackers! We took before photos and conducted assessments that day to avoid them having to make another trip to our office.

Our study requires participants to consume shakes on a simple schedule and eat smart (we provide guidelines and recipes), as well as exercise! They receive fantastic discounts on product and free assessments. We're off to a great start with some reporting weight loss already in the first week! Dr. Dias-Zair sends out tid bits of info, tips, notes of encouragement and solicits feedback via email almost everyday so participants on the program feel supported all the way through.

Our approach is helping people transform their paradigm (way of thinking) without them knowing it.I know it may sound sneaky but we've had patients make gradual changes over time and before you know it, they stopped thinking of the Cheetos and fast food drive through's. It became a new lifestyle for them and to this day, they are still maintaining a healthy weight! Call us if you would like to learn more about our Lose Smart Lean Up Program. (623) LP CHIRO (572-4476)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lose Smart and Lean Up Weight Loss Study.

Are you Tired of your Stubborn Weight Issues? Fatigued? Done with Yo-Yo Dieting? Tryng to lose the Pregnancy Weight? Hormone Problems? Diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease? Or do you just need to Lose that "Belly Pudge" once and for all?
This is a unique opportunity for both patients and non-patients to experience a proper way to RESTORE your health, LOWER your risk factors while improving body composition!
Participants in the Study will receive:
  • FREE pre and post assessments*.
  • Discounts on program related supplements and delicious corn free, dairy free and gluten free NUTRIENT DENSE shakes!
  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips to support your weight loss journey. 

Please join us on
Saturday June 2nd from 11am-12pm for a Free Fun Orientation, Q&A with the Doctor and Safe Weight Loss Tips at our office. Get an understanding of the physiology of weight issues. We'll also be blending up some delicious shakes for you to try!
Attendees who join the study the same day will receive a bonus! Please bring friends, family or anyone you care about who needs help. There is limited seating so please call 623-572-4476 to reserve your spots.

Note: You do not need to attend this event in order to participate in the study, however it would be to your benefit. Just call our office after June 2nd for details and set up your program.

Living Pure Chiropractic

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Treat Mom to a Massage!

Gift certificates on sale now until this Saturday.
One hour basic therapeutic treatments at the following low prices.

1 for $45
2 for $80
5 for $180

Call now to order and pick up (623) 572-4476

Happy moms are those who get time to themselves to receive a pampering massage!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cinco de Mayo MASSAGE Fiesta!

Celebrate with a relaxing one hour massage for only $44 (regular $55) Thursday, May 3 - Saturday, May 5th. We have limited openings with two fabulous and very skilled, professional therapists- George and Amanda.

In order to get this special rate mention the code word "MEXICO"  when calling to book your appointment (623) 572-4476. Special rate applies to general therapeutic treatment. (Trigger point/deep tissue- add $5).

Break away from the festivities and give yourself an hour of quiet bliss next weekend!

Visit our website for info on our services and therapists' bio's!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Living Pure New Client Special for Nutrition expires May 31st, 2012

Now you know you can't this off any longer. Too may people tell us they are too busy to get in shape or just address any risk factors or health issues from a natural perpective. This is YOUR opportunity to sit down with Dr. Dias-Zair for a comprehensive evaluation, diet history, review of symptoms and get a preliminary roadmap to getting your health back!

Swimsuit and beach season is around the corner. Do you want to go through another year of hearing yourself complain about your health?

Regular cost is $175. Our special until May 31st is $100 for this one hour appointment with the doctor.
Offer applies to new clients only.
Evaluation also includes: body composition analysis, lung capacity, vitals, Ayurvedic analysis.
Regular rate for this comprehensive initial appointment will increase June 1st so take advantage of this last offer now!

Dr. D will be announcing a weight loss challenge shortly. To participate, you must have the initial evaluation completed, so even more reason to take advantage of her offer. Stay tuned for details by also visiting her blog at

Monday, April 16, 2012

What our Patients are Saying....

"Living Pure Chiropractic has a wonderful team that takes excellent care of their clients! They guide you through a wellness plan that fits your individual needs. I’ve suffered from migraines for over twenty years and with the combination of adjustments, massage, and dietary changes my headaches are getting less frequent. I’m currently trying acupuncture for additional relief! "
Tara Lopez

"We would like to thank all the professionals at Living Pure Chiropractic for helping all the members of our family to find the path to wellness. Although it hasn't always been a smooth journey, Drs. Melanie and Phil were there almost every step of the way. Their knowledge and support has been essential for us as we take the responsibility of a healthier and less toxic existence. Two thumbs up!"
Lauren T.

"I go to Living Pure for alignments and massages. Dr. Phil is very patient and professional. Amanda, some days, is my biggest hero and her hands of healing have an amazing way of bringing peace to my stressed out body, and her soothing conversations help me to de-stress my mind."
Vanessa S.

"I have been seeing the professionals at LPC for almost one year now and I can wholeheartedly say that my neck and back health have improved dramatically. The chiropractic adjustments ease my built up shoulder and neck pain while the periodic therapeutic massages relax my constant shoulder tension and bring me back into focus. Working at the computer all day can take a serious toll on your body and the care and attention that LPC shows helps keep me going in both my professional and personal life."
Brandon C.

Myeloma Conference, Scottsdale March 24th, 2012

We were honored to be invited back to participate this year in the Living with Myeloma Conference. This foundation is the brainchild of our friend, Barbara Kavanagh, along with her husband, Jack who work tirelessly to bring hope, awareness and support to those with cancer.

Amanda and I had a busy morning at the office that day but we headed out for the last half of the conference. Thanks so much Amanda for representating our practice and bringing smiles to the weary participants who were inspired and overwhelmed at the same time with so much wonderful information!

Her magic hands lifted some much needed tension!

Thank you Jack and Barb for doing what you do with so much passion and love!

For more information visit

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Living Pure Team Gives Back!

This winter our team went out to meet our community supporters for fitness and cancer prevention.
George giving Officer "McGruff" a Chair Massage at Charity Challenge for Cancer

We offered free information and chair massages to volunteers and participants of Charity Challenge at Westbrook Village on January 29th.

Last month we headed out to participate in Step into Spring at Peoria Sports Complex where both Amanda and George offered some relief care to many walkers and volunteers who came out in support of physical activity and fitness!

Amanda Asselin, LMT at Step into Spring

George Phillips, LMT at Step into Spring

Thank you to Westbrook Village and Peoria Community Center for inviting us to participate!

Later this month we will be back at Westbrook Village for their Open House March 17th and Amanda and Dr. Dias-Zair will be volunteering at the Myeloma Conference in Scottsdale on March 24th!

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Brings New Practitioner Hours at Living Pure

 Dr. Phil Zair:
Monday 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 3pm-6pm
Thursday: 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm
Friday: 9am-12pm
Alternate Saturdays starting April 7th: 10am-12pm

Dr. Dias-Zair:
Tuesday: 10am-12pm and 3pm-6pm
Wednesday: 4pm-7pm
Friday: 11am-4pm
Saturdays: 10am-3pm by appointment

George Phillips, LMT:
Tuesday: 9am-12pm
Thursday: 9am-12pm
Fridays: 1pm-5pm

Amanda Asselin, LMT
Monday: 9am-1pm and 3pm-6pm
Tuesday: 9am-1pm and 3pm-6pm
Wednesday: 2pm-6pm
Thursday: 3pm-6pm
Friday: 2pm-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Let New Year's Resolutions Set You Up for Failure

Too often, people get excited during New Year's and list these robust goals, only to get back to reality after the holidays and realize they can't even get started with half of them.

Take your time when setting goals. Consider your entire lifestyle and those of your loved ones which impact YOU! (spouse, kids).
Create a list of goals in phases. Work on Phase One, accomplish them then move on to Phase Two.

And most importantly, think back to the past years you set New Year's Resolutions. Are you repeating them this year? For instance, quit smoking, lose weight, go to the gym more etc etc. If so, it's time to change your way of thinking. It's not working.

There needs to be a paradigm shift: a different, healthier way of thinking. Always keep in mind the consequences of your daily actions will be reflected in your future.. your health, wealth, happiness. A merry go round of goal setting each year just brings you back to square one every year. And where will that lead you 10 years from now?

Our lifestyle coaching and integrated therapies help individuals reach progressively higher levels in their function. The most successful people in many fields in the world have coaches: Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky.. We all need someone to help us keep focused and stay on track. There are too many distractions in our modern society.. too many temptations as well.

Do a reality check on where you are in your life. Document where you want to be. And if you are lost finding your way, consider reaching out to a professional who can be the objective, positive  influence in your life!