Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lose Smart Lean Up is's not too late to join our Study!

We are very pleased at the response we're receiving for our new Weight Loss Study! Last week at our Kick Off event we had a packed room of people who were ready to take an active role in their health care. Some had tried several programs and bounced back: Weight watchers, Hcg diet, Jenny Craig etc. But what did they all have in common? A true desire and need to bring their physiology towards normal function..and the end result: Lose Weight! They got it! They understood that losing weight is not an event. Health is a journey.

 We talked about the difference between fast fad diets and dampening cellular inflammation while nourishing your body with good nutrition and getting active. Obesity is inflammation! Diets are synonymous with a finite program where most return their old ways afterwards and end up where they started.

Surprisingly after all the sampling of our delicious Anti-Inflammatory Cleansing Shakes the popular flavor after chocolate was chai! The group had fun sharing past experiences- good and bad and also sampling our other healthy products including our Flat Belly Crackers! We took before photos and conducted assessments that day to avoid them having to make another trip to our office.

Our study requires participants to consume shakes on a simple schedule and eat smart (we provide guidelines and recipes), as well as exercise! They receive fantastic discounts on product and free assessments. We're off to a great start with some reporting weight loss already in the first week! Dr. Dias-Zair sends out tid bits of info, tips, notes of encouragement and solicits feedback via email almost everyday so participants on the program feel supported all the way through.

Our approach is helping people transform their paradigm (way of thinking) without them knowing it.I know it may sound sneaky but we've had patients make gradual changes over time and before you know it, they stopped thinking of the Cheetos and fast food drive through's. It became a new lifestyle for them and to this day, they are still maintaining a healthy weight! Call us if you would like to learn more about our Lose Smart Lean Up Program. (623) LP CHIRO (572-4476)