Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cleaning up in 2013. Nutrition Makeover Special!

Have you Set your New Year's Goals but not your Strategy?
Feel the pounds and pudge from the holidays and want to burn it off before bathing suit season?

$125 for a Complete Nutrition Consultation and Exam. (Regular $200) New patients only. Includes thorough history, assessments (vitals, body composition, adrenal stress test) Ayurvedic Consultation and preliminary report of findings and starter action plan customized for you. Plus a BONUS: a 15% off supplements purchased on the same day.
This is a 50minute visit scheduled one on one with Dr. Dias-Zair. Ideal for those with history of metabolic conditions, autoimmune disease, chronic weight issues, or those who are serious about making positive, permanent changes.

Have you been told by your doctor you need to lose weight in order to relieve your back pain? knee pain? hip pain?
It's not that simple and most times your medical doctor doesn't give you a resource or referral to the appropriate provider. Call our office at 623-LP CHIRO to schedule a no-obligation 15min consultation for FREE with the doctor to see if her approach is right for you.
What do you have to lose but a little time? You may leave with a useful tip or two at the very least.

This special offer expires 3/29/13.