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Top 10 Ways to Live with More Energy and Less Pain!

Want to live with less pain? more energy?

Dr. Dias will be presenting this information and some additional bonus tips on December 5th and 12th in Sun City West, AZ. Contact her office at 623.LP CHIRO for more information.


#1 DON’T Sleep on your Stomach!  The worst sleeping position, causing torsion stress on spine!

#2 DON’T Drink Icy Cold Drinks! According to Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, cold liquids dampen digestive energy causing poor nutrient absorption, elimination and sluggishness.

#3 DON’T drink the water!  Tap water, that is!

#4 DON’T Sit for prolonged periods after a meal. Get moving to facilitate digestion!

#5 DON’T slouch! Bad posture is painful. Most cases of chronic pain are posture related. Be mindful at all times. Slumped posture decreases optimal lung function.

#6 DON’T Eat Anything with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) According to biochemist Russ Bianchi, HFCS is intentionally mislabeled, or (uses) deceptively legally noncompliant names like: chicory, inulin, iso glucose, glucose-fructose syrup, dahlia syrup, tapioca syrup, glucose syrup, corn syrup, crystalline fructose, and flat-out fraud fruit fructose or agave. Even processed meats contain HFCS. Fructose inhibits the uric acid excretion, leading to more inflammation (ie: gout) A U.S. and Canadian study found the higher the fructose consumption, the higher the fat conversion. Also elevates cholesterol, and lowers immune system.

#7 DON’T Wear your cell phone like an accessory!  Cell phones emit Electromagnetic Radiation, leading to disruption of DNA repair and eventually other diseases such as cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease, impaired fertility.

#8 DON’T Drink Caffeine especially on an Empty Stomach, and limit the consumption.

#9 DON’T Consume artificial Sweeteners! ie: Aspartame found in diet sodas, chewing gum, sugar free sweets are excitotoxins which activate brain cells (neurons) that increase your sensitivity to pain.

#10 DON’T Let Yourself Dry Out! Lubricate your joints and nourish cartilage with proper nutrition: collagen source, Vit D, hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids- fish, fish oil, krill.


#1 DO Breathing Exercises every day! Belly breathing, pranayama, (refer to blog article on taking a breath versus catching a breath, published Nov 9, 2015 and Ancient breathing method, published Dec 6, 2015”)

#2 DO Be Quiet and Be IN the Quiet for at least 15 minutes every day! Meditation, gaze at a candle flame, fireplace/fire pit.( Refer to blog articles “A Restless Mind”, published Feb 6th and “Dear Brain..” published Feb 17, 2015)

#3 DO Surround yourself with positive happy people. Also consider pet therapy

#4 DO Exercise Daily. Break a sweat, Change it up. Move every joint in its maximum range of motion every day! Walking while grounding yourself- barefoot on grass or sandy beach. This allows you to absorb negative ions from the earth, relieving pain, improving sleep and more.

#5 DO Reduce Sugar as much as possible from your diet.  Increased insulin levels will dramatically worsen pain. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, you may want to limit grains as well since they are metabolized similarly to sugar.

#6 DO Eat a Clean, Anti-Inflammatory Diet! Whole organic fruits and veggies, wild caught seafood, meats, nuts seeds, raw, grass fed dairy - essentially unprocessed foods, free of sugars and preservatives. Eating processed foods (even bread) means you are consuming a chemical cocktail. Tip: nightshade veggies (potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes trigger arthritis and pain.

#7 DO Supplement your diet with natural anti-inflammatories.  ie: Tart cherries or concentrated tart cherry juice- contains compounds which slow certain enzymes that help prevent arthritis and gout. Also turmeric and fish oils.

#8 DO Apply Natural Substances to your Skin and Hair.
For acute pain- Capsaicin Crème (from cayenne pepper).It reduces substance P in nerve cells which transmits pain signals to the brain. Magnesium topicals are also helpful.

#9 DO Get Proper Sleep – body needs deep sleep for tissue growth and repair which is crucial for pain relief!  Poor and insufficient sleep can be a contributing factor for chronic pain in people over 50. On average, most people need 8 hours sleep.

#10 DO Make sure your Brain is Communicating with the Rest of Your Body Properly! Chiropractic care restores motion to the spinal segments allowing proper nerve flow through the entire body. Result:  reduces pain and boosts energy! It is safe, drug-free and specific techniques are matched to the unique patient for comfortable care and positive results! According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and funded by the National Institutes of Health, patients with neck pain who used a chiropractor and/or exercise were more than twice as likely to be pain free in 12 weeks compared to those who took medication. Ann Intern Med. 2012;156(1_Part_1):1-10. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-156-1-201201030-00002 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dr. Melanie's Top Ten Picks from Gluten Free Expo

I had the privilege of covering this year’s Phoenix Gluten Free and Allergy Free Expo and sharing my experience and opinions in social media streams for drmelanied. This event was held earlier this month in Glendale, AZ and it certainly brought out the newly curious along with those already benefiting from gluten free living, looking for the latest and tastiest!

I cruised through aisles stopping at the booths which I felt had a quality product of service to help educate and introduce people to the benefits of healthier eating. I completely advocate and support gluten free eating for several reasons I share in other blog articles on
When I recommend a gluten free diet to patients the biggest push back I get is “What am I going to eat then? It’s impossible! I'll starve!”  Frankly, the people who typically anguish over this are the ones that rely on processed foods and/ or refined carbs when it comes to meal preparations. Essentially the healthiest diet is farm to table food, which in our society (unless you live out in the country), is very difficult for many.

Convenience Carb Loading Foods - Yes, But It's Gluten-Free.

So, it wasn’t a surprise that, with the exception of a few exhibitors, all others were serving up samples of some quick prep foods (pizza, pasta, baked goods).  So, it’s easy for people to automatically think that gluten-free diet means they need to eat gluten free breads and cereals.  I admit I came home with a bagful of samples in which I shared with my staff and indulged a little. As a result I felt the post carb consumption effect of fatigue even though they were gluten free! These types of food should be an optional, occasional treat or side dish, not the foundation of your food intake. Although it was a carb fest, this Expo did a great job of bringing together a mass variety of gluten free snack and food options from all over the country from small home businesses to mid-sized corporations.  A friend of mine, John of On Advertising attended the Expo for the first time. He's a type II diabetic and new to the gluten free world.  Hr remarked, “The conference was an eye opener on product availability.  I've had some friends go gluten free, but since I'm a bit of a foodie, I was afraid there wouldn't be much that I would interest me.  What a surprise!  Who knew there were so many delicious pizzas and pastas that are gluten free!”

Ok! I sampled, examined and read up on about 30 food products and came up with my Top Ten Gluten Free Recommendations, based on these criteria:
  • quality (clean sourced)
  • sustainable practices
  • nutritional content,
  • taste
  • customer service (Does the manufacturer stand behind their product? How enthusiastic were the reps at exhibitor booths about their product)

I even included some sweet, sinful delights in my list! Even the gluten free deserve to indulge!  

My Disclaimer: With the exception of being provided with free samples, in no way was I paid nor compensated in any monetary or non-monetary way by any of these companies to endorse or promote their product.

#10. High Brew Coffee – based on my benefits of coffee article published last year (Click HERE) on nakedtruthbydrmelanie website, I had to stop and sample this one. I prefer hot coffee but the fair trade bean source drew me to this product. I recommend the Black and Bold product due to the fact that it is dairy free, low calorie and only 1g of sugar.

Daiya dairy free!
#9 Daiya – For you cheeseaholics who have been told to cut dairy from your diets, this one’s for you! I like cheese myself but I don’t keep it in my house. Except for the oil blend which includes canola
oil, this product line is quite clean. I tasted their Jalapeno Havarti Style block cheese and it was smooth! They offer a wide variety of food products, pizza, greek yogurt, cheese blends and dressings. Their products are found in several store locations and I picked up their New York Style” cheesecake” for a holiday treat.

Bio-K+ convenient probiotic doses!
#8. Bio-K+ - Probiotic drink (free of gluten, corn, yeast, soy, GMO’s, Antibiotic residues and RBGH)
Plain and flavored small drinkable containers for kids and the finicky adults who prefer a tasty way to ingest their probiotics. Dairy and non-dairy options available

#7. Aleia’s – (certified GF, non-GMO) artisan crafted cookies, stuffing mixes, croutons, bread crumbs, based in Connecticut, started by a culinary trained chef with her own gluten intolerance. John Wells, National Sales Manager gave me a compelling story about their origins and mission. Aleia's is my bread and cookie preference, and I have encouraged Sprouts Farmers Market to carry their products. Great choices for hoiday entertaining and special occasion treats. I recommend the coconut macaroons! www.

Sogno Toscano Oils

#6 Sogno Toscano – Artisan olive oils, including infused oils, GF pasta and GF skin care imported from their family farm in Bolgheri in Tuscany region of Italy.  Products were on the pricey side
however the quality and taste are well worth it and they would make wonderful holiday gifts! In my opinion this booth had the best tastes since I am a big endorser for healthy fats and oils and I love everything about Italian food!

#5 Daura Damm – I personally don’t drink beer regularly but if I desire a refreshing brew, this would be it! From Barcelona, Spain this, award winning GF beer comes from the oldest brewery in

Damm good beer!
Spain and is one of the fastest growing Euro Imports. I tried the Marzen (smooth, double malt beer), the Damm (original) and the Shandy (refreshing and light!) I loved them all and the Shandy reminded me of my mother since the Shandy was the only alcoholic drink she tolerated. Daura Damm
guarantees less than 3ppm of gluten content. This company stands behind their quality control standards, right down to the origin of their logo (Read about their gluten breaking process on their website!)  

#4. Spinatos – I have a top ten list and not include a local Arizona company! There were several at
Patients and friends posing with Manager of Spinatos!
the show but this one shined! I first dined there coincidentally a week prior to the show and indulged in their salad and meatballs. So I tried their gluten free pizza and pasta at the Expo. Wow! Fresh and delicious with the right level of zest and spices! This familia had the best energy at the show as well as the best frozen pizzas served freshly baked out of their portable ovens! If I had an exhibitor booth nearby I would’ve been constantly craving their mouthwatering samples! Local family owned restaurant with 5 locations in the Valley. I miss the food in Italy and had a hard time trusting restaurants when I returned in late September. Spinatos  started to restore my trust in American Italian dining!

Mona of Amore di Mona
#3. Amore di Mona – hand crafted artisan gluten free (and everything free) chocolates. If you love chocolate or even just like it, this is a top recommendation. What I loved most was the fact that
because it’s not overly sweet like most chocolates, you’re not temped to start a binge attack on these treats. You are satisfied after one or maybe two pieces. Dark chocolate is the top choice. Looking at the wrap and presentation you will know you are buying a high quality, clean chocolate treat before event tasting it.  Of course I brought the samples to work and my staff loved them!  I met Mona, the creator, and I was impressed by her sincerity, humbleness and passion for art.

ProYo Frozen Yogurt
#2 ProYo- High Protein Frozen Yogurt, GF, Soy Free, GMO free, rBST and rBGH free, diabetic friendly and low glycemic. I’m not a fan of cold foods and I avoid dairy but this product won me over! What I like about ProYo besides the delicious flavors is the convenient squeeze packs. 20g of protein “per 4oz tube” and contains pre and probiotics! I sampled about three flavors and they were refreshingly sweet. I thought this is an excellent on the go treat and post workout reviver, especially in the hotter climates after a hike or run! The beginnings of ProYo and some delicious recipes should be explored on their website.  I always appreciate a company that gives back to its community while it’s still in its own growing phase!

#1. Osteobroth – (gluten free, non GMO, Paleo) I am a chiropractor so yes, my bias favors bone and tissue health! Strengthen those joints with bone broth! It’s an excellent source of protein, collagen and chondroitin. I asked David, Osteobroth representative and he said their sourced animals are free of added antibiotics and hormones. Their broth is also free of peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, gluten and yeast and has a 2 year shelf life. Perfect for warm soothing winter soups, cup of broth tea, and when you are feeling that itch in your throat or seasonal allergies. I like product also for the convenience since most of us do not have time to make bone broth from scratch.  And of course, it tasted delicious!
My #1 Pick: Powdered allergen free bone broth!

Other Great Products!

Selecting the top ten was not so easy; which is why I include a few more worth mentioning:
1. Smart Flour (Austin TX) – pizzas, pizza crusts, pancake mix and burger buns

2. Big Cupcake Truck- (Phoenix, AZ) delivers mini and big cupcakes to most of Phoenix Metro. Oh, you wouldn’t know these are gluten free! That’s all I have to say (ok, besides, organic and non-GMO ingredients) Delicious for birthday and corporate gifting.

3. Swerve  (New Orleans, LA) – zero calorie, erythritol based sweetener with high digestive tolerance.

The Bottom Line:

These options were showcased at the Expo to offer people convenient choices to help ease them into a gluten free lifestyle. The healthiest diet is a gluten free farm to table (Paleo is best for many). I will always advocate farmers markets, growing your own and preparing your own meals. However, we all occasionally need a break and need to have social balance. Choose your restaurants and menu selections wisely just as I hope you choose quick prep and ready to eat foods from your grocery stores!
The Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo returns to Phoenix June 2017. Visit their website for more info

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Stressful Holiday Periods Call for Anti-Stress Measures! Tai Chi

One of Dr. Melanie's favorite de-stressing therapies besides yoga is the martial art, Tai Chi. 
You’ve probably seen the images – extremely graceful, flowing, dance-like movements that are designed to condition and balance the body and reduce stress.
The practice is Tai Chi restores the balance between physical and mental dimensions. It's a form of mind-body exercise and is performed with concentration and control, hence one of the reasons she respects this art; it helps enhance brain health by challenging the neurological pathways. Tai Chi was originally developed in China more than 2000 years ago as a martial art form.
The benefits of Tai Chi? There are many, including the following:
Psychological – Research shows that those who practice Tai Chi demonstrate increased relaxation, better sleep patterns and, because it is generally practiced in a group setting, many report increased sociability and a better disposition.
Musculoskeletal – Those who practice Tai Chi report improved physical strength, posture, flexibility, muscle tone and strength and decreased bone loss as they age, especially in women.
Cardiopulmonary – Tai Chi produces a decrease in blood pressure and more effective breathing.
Physical – Many who practice Tai Chi experience increased energy, improved immune function, relief from chronic pain symptoms, and better balance and motor coordination.
The practice of Tai Chi is beneficial to all, but particularly for seniors who require simple movements and a slower pace in their exercise routine. Many older individuals report fewer falls because of better balance.
The March-April 2006 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine published the results of a study, which found that Tai Chi helped to improve balance, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility in only six weeks; additional improvements were noted after 12 weeks. The research concluded that Tai Chi is a “potent intervention” that may facilitate the reversal of certain limitations and help older individuals to continue living on their own longer.
There are many ways to improve your body and your mind, including regular chiropractic care, proper diet and nutrition, and exercise and fitness. All contribute to help make a healthier you!
Disclaimer: The contents of this article and all material published on this blog and website are not to be construed as medical advice or recommendations. Please consult with your physician before implementing any new therapy or supplmentation recommended. 
If you desire a consultation with one of our doctors at Living Pure to see how you can achieve better function and live with more energy, less pain, call us at 623. LP CHIRO or visit
Dr. Melanie spotted this wonderful soul practising her art while jogging through the park in Toronto, July 2014

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Avoid a Slip, Trip and Fall: Presentation Nov.14th by Dr. Dias

Dr. Dias will be speaking at PORA Sun City West this Monday, November 14th 11am-12:30pm

Falling is the leading cause of death in people over 65. The impact of a concussion, a hip fracture or any injury from a fall can bring devastating consequences. Balance is something that fails as we grow older. Building your secure home environment is important but what about preventing them?  Dr. Dias will brings many years of experience in nervous system care and physical rehabilitation to help you boost your brain function and strength with interesting tips, exercises and nutritional strategies.This workshop is critical for those who wish to avoid becoming a statistic! Wear comfortable clothing and supportive shoes.

Address: 13815 W. Camino del Sol, Sun City West, AZ 85375
PORA Sun City West Adult Learning

Call 623-242-6864

Can't attend? Call and stop by our office for a FREE 20min consult with one of the doctors on any concerns you have regarding your balance, attention, memory and energy! Click here --> Living Pure office in Glendale AZ

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Postural Integration Therapy NOW Available! Correct Poor Posture and Regain your Health!

Brenda recently completed a post graduate certification course on Postural Integration! It emphasized specific techniques for individuals with abnormal postural deviations which the massage therapist observes on the client’s body. These postural formations occur in the spine, pelvis, upper extremities and lower extremities and if corrected, can alleviate pain as well as improve functioning. 

Some of the postural deviations are from habitual ways of resting or using the body. This particular training enables the therapist to assess and provide "specific" treatment to address and correct the posture.   

In this first module, she learned protocols for 10 spinal postures:  increased cervical lordosis, lateral flexion of the head and neck, forward head posture, rotation of the head, kyphosis, flat back, rotated thorax, hyperlordois, hypolordois, and scoliosis.  

Do you suffer from any of these or wonder what they are and if you have them? 
This technique is a perfect compliment to chiropractic care and helps the patient hold their addjustments longer! Call us today 623. LP CHIRO to schedule your session with Brenda!

Benefits of Good Posture?
  • Better Breathing and Lung Capacity
  • Better Digestion
  • Headache Relief
  • Better Sleep
  • Less Pain
  • Prevent Relapse of Neck and Back Pain
  • More Confidence!
  • Stand Taller and Look Younger!

Monday, July 25, 2016

NEW! Hot Spa Rock Massages at Living Pure Chiropractic!

Have you heart of the Hot Spa Rock Massage? 
Promotion every Tuesday through Sept. 30th, 2016: 30min session for only $29

No water. No mess. Constant heat generated by smooth (non-porous) rocks which won't trap unwanted materials- completely hygienic! 

Hot Spa Rock therapy 30 or 60min sessions available using long lasting, heat activated smooth rocks. These are electrically heated (no water needed or messy crockpot noise) and provide consistent heat application without lifting off your body through the entire session. We do not use natural porous rocks because they are porous and trap skin cells so they are not considered hygienic. Our patients are loving this therapy! Call 623.LP CHIRO to book your appointment and ask for current specials!

Our therapist, Brenda Salguero, LMT has several years experience in various bodywork techniques and advanced training in trigger point therapy and lymphatic drainage. She is introducing the Hot Spa Rock therapy to Living Pure and so far the clients are loving it!

Book now 623.LP CHIRO $29 for 30min session (reg $45) every Tuesday through Sept 30th! First time Spa Rock clients only! 
See our YouTube video by clicking link below:

Friday, July 22, 2016

Free Back to School Spinal Check Up until Aug 31st!

FREE back to school check ups are back! Bring your child in before August 31st for their next adjustment and the posture and spinal evaluation portion of the visit is FREE! Chiropractic care creates healthy nerve flow through the ENTIRE body, creating healthier BRAIN activity too! Let's make this a healthy year with the best grades ever!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Dr. Zair is now ALSO an Acupuncturist!

Living Pure Announcement:

Dr. Zair graduated recently from Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture! 
He is having great success with many complaints such as tendinitis, sleep issues, prenatal pain and discomfort and migraines!
Call us at 623.572.4476 to see how his treatments can help you not only with pain but several other conditions!