Monday, February 27, 2017

The Bloat Buster Jump Start!

Are you Bloated?

Life isn't fun when you have to worry everytime you eat. Living Pure announces our series of Jump Start Programs to give you an easy and economical way to start getting your bloating under control.

Choose One:

Anti-Bloat Product Bundle:

One probiotic + One digestive enzyme= 2 products at 10% off!

OPTION TWO: BEST and Most Effective Deal:
The Combo:One Acupuncture AND one Anti-Bloat Massage session* PLUS Chinese pulse reading evaluation for only $139 BONUS: get both the probiotic and enzyme FREE!

Follow up treatment Combo (Acupuncture and Massage) ONLY $99

* each session is a specialized treatment lasting 30min (includes consult and preparation)

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