Monday, April 17, 2017

Chiropractic Explained by Dr. Dias..on the Radio

Dr. Melanie Dias was interviewed live on Food Corner, the Monday midday show on Radio Phoenix earlier this month. During this one hour show, she was asked by host, Dr. James C. Moore about the role of chiropractic in health, how it impacts the most important system in the body, and the following interesting topics:

Bellyfat and waistline determining your risk factors.
What is functional medicine?
Why does she practice integrative chiropractic?
What are anti-inflammatory foods?
What does SHE keep in HER refrigerator and pantry?
What is Ayurvedic Medicine and how is it used to balance you?
Why is gut health (digestion) SO important?
Importance of eating dense protein.

We have posted links to the show below. Enjoy the show and the fun music Dr. James injects throughout the interview! And if you enjoy the show, check out their website to see their programming schedule. You may want to consider supporting this wonderful non-profit radio station!


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