Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dr. Melanie is going to K.I.S.S. on Saturdays starting June 24th!

Come in! Say Hi. Sample some refreshments and snacks and Get a Back and Neck Alignment! 

That's right!  This summer, Dr. Melanie is returning to Saturday shifts (biweekly) and has decided to reserve a few hours for those who just want a spinal tuneup! This is a NEW program she is implementing to help patients who just want simple, straight and easy at an affordable cost. It will be available for a limited time only, so take advantage of it now!

Dr. Melanie's New Super Saturday Program starts THIS Saturday 10am-1pm
$33 for 3 Hours - Your Low Cost as A Reward for Committing to Prevention and Wellness!  

$33 adjustments (cash rate) from 10am-1pm (credit card payments add $2) This low cost is likely to be the same if not LOWER than your copay! 

CALL 623. LP CHIRO (572.4476) to book!

No frills: (Please Read)
No insurance billing. If she finds during your visit, a condition needs to be examined with your consent, just additional $15 applies. No therapies included at this rate. Self check in. Quick check out. You're in for the care and out for the weekend!

If you haven't been seen for a while and would like to return to care for an ache or pain, please call the office for a VERY special rate on an adjustment WITH a new update assessment - Dr. Melanie will need to reserve additional time with you!

She will "Just Adjust"
Just pure nervous system tune ups for those who want to stay well.   Just gentle hands on or instrument adjustments.
 Her biweekly Saturday shifts start  Saturday July 1st from 10am-1pm. However she is working an extra Saturday this week- June 24th and launching the program on her half birthday! (OK.Well, it's one day off.) If demand exceeds her availability she just may expand hours.  Other scheduled Saturday dates July 1st (Yes she is working on her Canada Day!), July 15th, 29th.  These dates are subject to change so stay tuned to our facebook page or look out for these emails.

Walk in's accepted
(Not sure and don't want to commit to an appointment? Just stop in! She will be there the full shift). Pre-scheduling by phone or through our website is recommended. and look for the green Schedule button!

Are you a New Patient? 

Welcome! She will see new patients on Super Saturdays (based on availability) and offer you the online special you can find on our website $59 for consultation, exam and adjustment. No code or coupon necessary on Super Saturday.

Please note:
If you were recently in a car accident and need to be seen on a Saturday, Please call the office immediately to schedule this appointment! Liens accepted.

Thanks for choosing Chiropractic as your means to get healthy and stay healthy naturally. Prevention is the best health care so allow us to reward you with this special program!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Avoid Dehydration. Simple Tips from Dr. Melanie

Better to Prevent Dehydration than have to Rehydrate!

It's hot out there! (At least here in the Southwest!). Living Pure Chiropractic wants to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable summer!  
Balinese Ginger, Lemongrass Elixir 

Dr. Melanie's simple strategies for rehydration and preventing unnecessary loss of fluids!
  1. Drink enough filtered water until your urine is a light yellow color.
  2. Nourish yourself on rehydrating foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, watermelon, cantaloupe, watercress, kale, celery and spinach. A blended raw veggie juice adds a taste advantage over plain old water and supplies you with powerful antioxidants. I recommend only incorporating a small amount of fruit to minimize the sugar content in your drink.
  3. Avoid the popular electrolyte sports drinks since they typically contain high fructose corn syrup and artifical sweeteners and colors, not to mention a heaping amount of sugar! These drinks not only fail to keep you hydrated but also mess with your body's production of human growth hormone. The sugar will also contribute to tooth erosion over time. There are some decent electrolyte sports drinks sold by healthcare professionals that do not contain the dangerous ingredients I mentioned and still supply the nutrients to replenish your fluids and prevent muscle cramping. Ask your natural healthcare professional or email me at
  4. Prepare a simple natural electrolyte drink: Mix organic blueberry and/or pomegranate juice with mineral or soda water and add a teaspoon of unrefined Himalayan sea salt. Voila! A tasty, refreshing alternative to boring water.
  5. Fresh coconut water is a great option since it naturally contains a high level of electrolytes without the risk of fructose elevation.
  6. Act consciously! It's easy to get wrapped up in a tennis match for example, but listen to your body! Severe symptoms can be life threatening. Keep filtered water handy. Stock fluids in a cooler when on the road. Low fluid levels gives rise to dizziness, brain fog and puts you at risk for fainting; a brutal hazard if you are behind the wheel.

Beware of Signs of Dehydration. I like the article posted on the Mayo Clinic website which gives you a concise list of signs and symptoms to watch out for. Click here to read the article.

If you would like to read the full article, visit Dr. Melanie's blog: and sign up for her newsletter to receive more valuable health info!